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Thursday, 28 May 2020

A comprehensive evaluation of vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone

A comprehensive evaluation of vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone

vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone

Recently, vivo launched a new dual-mode 5G machine Y70s. As a new 5G machine with a starting price of 1998 yuan, vivo Y70s is not only equipped with dual-mode 5G SoC and 4500mAh large battery, but also has a beautiful design and outstanding beauty. algorithm. The specific price of this model is as follows:

6GB + 128GB version 1998 yuan

8GB + 128GB version 2198 yuan

So can this new 5G machine meet people's demand for dual-mode 5G experience and bring us an excellent user experience? Let's take a look at this vivo Y70s together.

Natural light and shadow appearance

vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone

The first impression of vivo Y70s is that it is very durable. Although there are many models with gradient color design, vivo Y70s can be regarded as one of the best. The back cover of vivo Y70s uses an innovative double-grain stitching process. The matte and smooth lines at the back of vivo Y70s form a long strip, which is combined with a long camera to make it look slender and flexible.

Holding the vivo Y70s in our hands, we can see that the color on the back cover of the vivo Y70s can change with the change of the light angle, thus presenting different visual effects, from which we can feel the unique beauty brought by natural light and shadow. And through the multi-layer composite optical coating process, the glossiness of the vivo Y70s back cover has also been improved.

At present, vivo Y70s provides three fuselage color options of fog illusion, starlight blue and moon shadow black.

Gorgeous star screen

vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone 2020

The vivo Y70s uses a 6.53-inch star screen with a resolution of FHD +. Thanks to a screen ratio of up to 90.72%, the body grip of the vivo Y70s remains at the level of 5.5 inches for non-full-screen models . Although the screen is large, it can be held with one hand in daily use.

Vivo Y70s adopts the design scheme of side fingerprint and power button in one. The side button of the two-in-one is only 2.4mm wide, and the unlocking speed can be up to 0.18s. Also supports Face wake facial recognition.

Dual-mode 5G speed experience

vivo Y70s 5G mobile phone

In terms of performance, vivo Y70s is equipped with dual-mode 5G SoC chip Exynos 880, which supports SA & NSA 5G networking methods. Its CPU part adopts a new generation of Cortex-A77 core architecture, and the same-frequency performance is 20% higher than Cortex-A76 architecture. . Vivo Y70s can be equipped with up to 8GB LPDDR4X high-bandwidth large storage and 128GB UFS2.1 storage space.

Vivo Y70s' support for dual-mode 5G can help users get the first experience of the extremely fast Internet experience brought by 5G mobile data networks. In the field 5G test, we used Speedtest to test the 5G performance of vivo Y70s. Under the Unicom 5G network, vivo Y70s got a download rate of 599Mbps and an upload rate of 100Mbps. Its upload rate can be said to be quite The brilliance surpasses many 5G models.

The vivo Y70s has also been upgraded in antenna design. It adopts a surround antenna design and is equipped with an antenna intelligent switching function. This can intelligently select the best antenna according to the signal strength of different antennas and increase the network experience of scenarios such as calls and games. At the same time, vivo Y70s is also equipped with a SAR reduction function. When the head is recognized during the call, it can automatically reduce the transmission power and reduce the radiation on the premise of ensuring the network quality.

Of course, the Multi-Turbo exclusively developed by vivo also appeared on the vivo Y70s. Vivo Y70s is equipped with new Multi-Turbo including Center Turbo, AI Turo, Cooling Turo, Net Turo, Game Turbo and ART ++ Turbo and other acceleration technologies, which can comprehensively improve the system smoothness and performance of vivo Y70s.

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