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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Pirates of the Caribbean must kill 6 Captain Jack Sparrow Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean must kill 6 Captain Jack Sparrow Movies

Pirates of the Caribbean 6

  Pirates 6 of the Caribbean needs to find a way to get ahead of Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow - a way to kill him.

  Disney is looking to take the Pirates of the Caribbean in a new direction with Pirates of the Caribbean, but instead of a reboot it should bring back - and kill - Johnny Depp captain Jack Sparrow.  Pirates of the Caribbean has been a major franchise for Disney since it was back in 2003, where the five films released so far had a collection box office total of more than $ 4.5 billion, and Depp firmly as the face of the series  Were established.

  However, the box office for Pirates of the Caribbean made some of the guaranteed hits for Mouse House, the fifth installment, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, did not represent a significant drop in that regard.  With a total of $ 800 million, it is the second lowest-grossing film in the franchise, behind the first film.  Along with this, the film has received low returns in terms of critical acceptance, with reviews having sharpened and then steadily dropping since Sharp of the Black Pearl.
  This has led to a change in outlook for Disney, with the idea that Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will be a reboot, which also means that Depp has no clear place for Captain Jack Sparrow (and the actor in recent years  In view of K's own controversies, it is not so. All are surprised).  However, while it makes sense for the studio to try and navigate a different route to Pirates of the Caribbean 6, it should still bring back Jack Sparrow - even if it was to send him to his watery grave  Be for

  Pirates of the Caribbean 6 should not be a reboot

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 should not be a reboot

  The franchise's latest update is that Disney wants to reboot Pirates of the Caribbean, with Craig Majin of Chernobyl set to team-up with longtime Pirates writer Ted Elliott to create a new chapter.  As noted, it is understandable that Disney looks to rejuvenate the franchise and keep it as a viable cash-cow, but it is not entirely necessary.  Creating Pirates of the Caribbean 6 instead would allow Disney to continue the mainline saga, while still having ways to freshen things up.

  There is a wide world of pirate history and mythology that these films can still tap into, and it should be possible for Disney to do so without being forced into a major reboot.  They have built the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise around Jack Sparrow, and so any reboot will have to contend with how they deal with it: Re-casting the role seems almost impossible, but any new character who is directly in his.  Was taking place while Jack is still alive will be in his shadow.  A sixth film can still take the franchise to new locations, but it can also be done when being set in the same universe and with established characters at least referenced, if not visible  Dita (such as Orlando Bloom's Will Turner).  Pirates of the Caribbean 5 did not close the franchise or its main storyline, so it would be better to make a film that ties things together and sets the future, rather than start over again.

  Pirates of the Caribbean needs to bring back 6 Jack Sparrow - to solve his fate

Pirates of the Caribbean needs to bring back 6 Jack Sparrow - to solve his fate

  If Disney decides to walk away from a reboot, it needs to bring back Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (whose future is currently uncertain, regardless of which direction the studio goes).  Depp's star power has waned in recent years with a combination of general fatigue, lackluster performance and controversy surrounding him, but he's still a bridge when it comes to Pirates of the Caribbean 6, and his  The chances of a film together would be better.  One by one at the box office.  But even more importantly, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 needs to make some sense to close Jack Sparrow's story arc.

  This is also due to the issue with a reboot: it is difficult to create Pirates of the Caribbean film without Jack Sparrow, or at least without addressing his absence.  Any film, be it a sequel or a reboot, makes it difficult to move forward, at least to some extent, by trying to ignore its character.  If they bring him back and finish his story, it probably still happens to an extent, but at least there would be an obvious reason to do so, and a clear path to a new character.  The story of Jack - the Black Pearl captain losing his ship and coming back again - can be brought to a standstill that completely kills the character and his crew.  Pirates of the Caribbean 6 can give him a proper pause, so that viewers know for sure that this will be the last time they appear in Pirates of the Caribbean (something they tried, but did not fully manage  , With Dead Men Tell No Tales), perhaps also to some extent lending a sense of pathos that kept him away from films.

  Why Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Captain Jack Sparrow should be killed
Why Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Captain Jack Sparrow should be killed

  If Captain Jack Sparrow is to end the story and write Depp from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise for good, the best and cleanest way to do this is to kill his character.  Pirates of the Caribbean 5 sounded like their swan-song, but to keep their story open-ended, it also meant Sparrow's return, which is something the franchise would eventually get from  Need to be freed.  But killing him would not only be to free the franchise from the character, but to use it to give him a bigger, more final farewell and help set up directly in the future.  If Sparrow dies in Pirates of the Caribbean, either at the very end or perhaps earlier, it could give him a heroic holiday.  It could present the franchise's next face with them, and Sparrow sacrificed his life for them.

  Some Disney films have effectively used Star Wars: The Force Awakens to Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame in recent years, using the death of a prominent, beloved man.  While it would be too little of a difference to be a true heritage-quell, that kind of approach - where it combines aspects of the past and establishes the future at the same time - could be of great benefit to Pirates of the Caribbean  He has been allowed to say goodbye to Captain Jack Sparrow, without simply walking away and surprising fans as to where he is.

  There is a question as to whether Disney would be prepared to kill Sparrow - which is why they would just ignore him and move on - given that the character remains a prominent and popular figure in Disney theme parks.  This is a reasonable argument, especially as it is directly Disney rather than Marvel or Lucasfilm, although despite the death of Iron Man it has been suggested that they would be able to make it work.  Johnny Depp and Captain Jack Sparrow are synonymous with Pirates of the Caribbean, and are therefore hard to ignore, but Pirates of the Caribbean 6 can and should use that legacy to its advantage.

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