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Friday, 19 June 2020

'The Last of Us Part 2' is a belly punch that holds only punching | Complete the last of our 2 maps for Seattle

'The Last of Us Part II' is a belly punch that holds only punching

The Last of Us Part II

  The Last of Us Part II is a game that punches you in the gut from the beginning, and never stops boxing.

  During times like these, I honestly did not know if I could handle a game like The Last of Us, either part of it.  As a journalist in 2020, a lot of my waking thoughts go to the news (which is usually annoying).  I wasn't really tempted to run into an apocalyptic hellscape where 60% of the world's population is killed by parasitic fungi that turn you into a zombie.

  This was not due to lack of interest.  I have been waiting for this game for years.  The original Last of Us, released in 2013, is considered one of the best games ever.  People had exceptionally high expectations for this new installment - and it is another masterpiece as before.

  If you're unfamiliar with the story: The main character, Joel, is a smuggler who lost his daughter during the initial outbreak.  He was hired by a group called Firefiles to recruit a 14-year-old girl named Ellie from the Boston Quarantine zone to a hospital in Salt Lake City.  He is immune to the virus, and wants to use it to make the firefly vaccine.

  Warning: Spoilers ahead for the original game ... which you really should have played by now!

  Despite initially being ice-cold for Ellie, Joel begins to see them as a daughter during their journey - so when they go to Salt Lake City and they find out that Ellie is killed by making the vaccine  If she leaves, Joel chooses to save her, killing everyone in her path.

  The first game's players rationalized Joel's actions - he had agreed to know and love Ellie, and so we did.  Some people (not me) say that saving her was the right thing to do!  But what about everyone in the world who has to live with the impact of those kinds of decisions?

  In The Last of Us Part II, we see when revenge is needed and justice transcends everything.  We see how the world makes people desperate for understandable reasons.  The game does not glorify violence - instead, it shows you the terrible effects of violence on survivors.  But it is not clear until the top-secret of the game is in the second half when the waterfalls actually start flowing.

  Ellie is now one of the main playable characters.  She was 19 years old, and she was 14 years old, bubbling in the previous game.  Like everyone else in the universe, Ellie is hurt by her experiences, and they have hardened her.

  In the beginning, there is a glimpse of hope: Joel and Ellie have acquired a new normal, living on a campus in Jaco, Wyo, owned by Joel's brother Tommy.  And at this point, everyone can handle the corpse so easily so getting rid of Ellie can be like going on an accidental hunting trip.

  Eli started out as a man who was willing to sacrifice his life to save the world.  But the loss transformed him into a merciless monster who was willing to sacrifice others for his goals.

  But he loves playing guitar, comics, and movies.  She thinks Corny is hilarious and collects business cards around the map.  Her diary is filled with entries about the girls she is dating.  And he truly loves his friends, his crush Dinah and Joel despite their new strained relationship.

  She also thinks it's strange to live in a quarantine area without constantly hearing bullets and explosions - and the first time he kills someone like he's talking about drinking beer for the first time.

  Since it's still The Last of Us, you know that the new normal will burst very quickly.  And when that happens, Ellie leaves for Seattle for revenge.  That's right: revenge.  Ellie as a person set out to sacrifice her life to save the world.  But the loss transformed him into a merciless monster who was willing to sacrifice others for his goals.

  And since it's still The Last of Us, you'll admire the grand, vast world of puzzles, challenges, and things to explore - as Ellie travels through it on her terrifying mission.
  Part II makes you deeply aware of the consequences of your actions.  In most video games, you don't question why you're killing people, you just assume that everyone in a specific faction is evil.  In this game, it is not so black and white.

  And Naughty Dog does a great job of connecting players to every character, not just the main characters.  You really feel like you are experiencing this harrowing journey with Ellie - you feel her falling in love, you feel her grief, her anger, her fears.

  By the time I finished this emotional rollercoaster, I was a crying mess.  I did nothing but hard work for about an hour.

  But you also feel for your enemies.  It is awful to hear Ellie's goals talking about his own hopes, apprehensions, and future when he might soon kill them.  I started coping whenever possible, and spent a lot of time trying to get around dangerous humans instead of facing them.

  By the time I finished this emotional rollercoaster, I was a crying mess.  I did nothing but hard work for about an hour.  I figured I would remove it from my system.  But later, I kept on shedding tears all the time, when my mind wandered in small moments of the game.

  It is not easy to understand why I felt like this until you play the second part of the game, which part I cannot tell you.

  I think The Last of Us Part II changed me a bit as a person.  It made me aware of the small things in my life that I accept, the things you don't appreciate until they are gone forever.  It is easy to get lost in the darkness of the world, but it is necessary to see the things that bring you to light.

  I was not expecting it to be a happy game by any means, but I could never predict how intense an emotional experience it was.  I don't think I'm going to be able to watch the original game again the same way.

  Kight Kline is a columnist for NPR's Join the Game and producer on 1A.  She is a native of New Jersey, a lifelong gamer,

The Last of Us Part II

Complete the last of our 2 maps for Seattle: each city location, collision to see and sight

The Last of Us Part II

  This our last 2 map will be a huge help in the city of Seattle, especially if you want the Sitesetter trophy to be awarded when you 'go to every place in the city of Seattle'.  This open, set piece area is large, and full of places to explore and explore.  From resources and useful items to sweet story moments (seriously, make sure you visit the music store).

  Our upcoming The Last of 2 Map lists not just all the places that will earn you the trophy, but also any theft of supplies, or more modest locations that will help you on your journey, or take out the backstory in what happened  .  Faridabad.  When you search, see or pass things, or read letters and notes, you will gradually add markers to the map, but if you are not careful you may miss some more obscure things  .

  Story moments (seriously, make sure you go to the music store).

  Our upcoming The Last of Us 2 map does not list all the places that will earn you the trophy, but also any shortage of supplies, or more modest locations that will help you on your journey, or what happened.  Take out the meat of the backstory.  Faridabad.  When you explore, see or pass things, or read letters and notes, you will slowly add markers to the map, but if you are not careful you may miss some more obscure things.

  Our Last 2 Tips |  Our last 2 secure codes and combinations |  Our last 2 vertical locations |  Our last 2 training manuals |  Our last 2 weapons and gear |  Our Last 2 Easter Eggs |  How long is the last 2 for us |  Plus our last 2 new games |  End of last 2 |  Our Last 2 Trading Cards |  Our last 2 coins

  play sound

  Complete our 2 Downtown Seattle maps



  1. Truck in water



  Almost as soon as you enter the open Seattle area, you can head right to find a truck in gray concrete and some water near the springs.  You cannot remember it, it is written with 'fascists' on one side.  Open it backwards and you'll find it full of dead FEDRA officers and some scrap.  There is also a letter with some background information about what happened.

  2. The Court House


  To get to the courtyard, which is one of the places you need to search for gas, you must find this truck near a military outpost.  Climb up and you will be forced to bring a window in.  It is filled with clickers and runners that you have to pay attention to before you can reach the lower floors by pushing a blocked double door.  Once you find a closed yellow door at the bottom, there is an office next to the windows you can break into.  Inside you will find a training manual that will unlock the crafting upgrade branch.  There is also a safe you can open using a combination on a nearby whiteboard, 860722. Inside you will find supplements and scraps.  Once you have picked up all the resources under the elevator shaft, where you will encounter some more clickers and runners.  When they have cleared that you can check the gas before leaving the shutter door operated by the chain.

  3. Stair Supply Stash


  When you exit the court house and look for this set of stairs.  At the top level you will find a small supply stash and a letter that will add others to the map.

  4. Dusting of ruins supplies



  The location of this map is little more than a broken corner of a building, but there is stuff to find.  If he does not already do so, then heading here will give Dina the possibility to point to a 'building-like' dome, which will later be marked on your map.  Now go up the stairs and break the window so that you can use the stairs to climb the stairs and reach another set of stairs.  At the top you will find some supplements, some scraps and a trading doctor ukman 'trading card.  This name sounds familiar ...

  5. Tap supplied truck



  There are some trucks here and a fire truck which you can see on the next bridge.  If you climb the truck near the fire truck you will not jump.  In the truck you will find an ax and a health kit, as well as a fire hose that you can use to swing another truck downwards.  Inside you will find some scraps and supplements.

  6. Westlake Bank


  Dina should point to the bank as you approach the area.  To head in for the dark opening at the base of the ruins, almost directly below the sign.  Do your work through the route and you will end up in the bank.  It is full of clickers and runners, so you will have a fight to empty them.  Once it is safe you will be able to locate a vault that you can find in the area behind the counters.  As you go in, you will find a letter containing a plan for the bank robbery for the vault.  Use this to open the door and you'll find and unlock a pump action shotgun.  You can also check the safety deposit boxes for a little Easter egg.  Be careful when you exit as there will be some more clickers and runners to get out of your way.

  7. Tommy's Camp



  There's really nothing to find here, but if you look inside the building that is strewn with flowers around it, you'll find a campfire burning Ellie and Dinah to talk about that it's Tommy  How it should be

  8. Tank supply collision


  You will find some shotgun shells inside and trigger some conversations with Dinah.  Nearby you'll also find a half-skeleton under some rubble with a letter.

  9. Fuel Delivery / Synagogue


  See a building surrounded by tall barbed wire.  You will come to know that you have found fuel delivery due to bit red sign and 'fuel distribution' and at the place where 'fuel distribution' is called.  The sign is right through a gate and watch tower, head through it and immediately turn right to climb the tower where you will find a stun bomb and can unlock it as a crafting recipe.  Once you have done this, drop back down and head left until you see a blue tar covered cover gate in a leafy area.  Enter an area filled with tall grass and a pair of runners for you and Dina to tackle.  Look out for a log pile that will let you climb into a new area, this time to take out the clickers and runners.  Treat them and you will be able to use scaffolding to get inside the building.  There are some resources to pull from open shelves and tables through doors.  Then you have to go through the gaps in the fence on the closed side, where you will be able to push a trolley to the far side and use it to get over the fence and gas.  Once you are done you can use the trolley to reach the platform going higher, where you will find a cable that you can use to swing to the other balcony and exit.  However, head through the door to find the Rabbi's office and the first few supplements.

  10. Army Camp and Workbench

  To the right of this check point you will find some wide steps from which you can go to a gate.  There are some resources and a workspace inside the tent that you can use to upgrade your guns.

  11. music store


  To reach the music shop, you have to use the road which you can reach through the army camp of 10.  Go the walkway and you will be able to go through the first floor window.  Nothing major here is some beautiful story moments and a collectable trading card.

  12. Gate West 2


  Squeeze through the gate here and you will find some resources, as well as a safe you can open using the code for You Waste 2 'which you can find at the Checkpoint Gate Codes Note: 0451 (A Des X Easter Egg).  Inside you will find scraps, supplements, a health pack and a collectable trading card.

  13. Coffee Shop Supply Stash



  You will find an old coffee shop here which you can get by breaking the window.  Inside you will find common resources, a collective trading card in the drawer behind the counter, scraps, and some supplements in the back.  The backroom will also pass through a bathroom, where a runner will jump you.  Once they check the child changing station for the 'barcos' key, that will mark the location on your map.

  14. Barcos

  When you follow the prompt for delivery to Barkos, where you will be able to use the key found in the coffee shop at location 13..  Inside you will find resources, supplements, scraps and - most importantly - a long gun holster. Let you equip two long guns at once without swapping in your bag.

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